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If you've ever looked into mechanical keyboards, you more than likely will have found yourself inundated with big, chunky black numbers designed to please the masses of gamers out there. In fact, check our list of the best gaming keyboards and you'll get a good picture of the state of the current market.

In almost every case, the keyboards are wired, designed for Windows PCs and take up considerable space, and aren't particularly slim. For Mac users who want a mechanical keyboard, it's slim pickings, particularly if you don't want a number pad, and especially if you want the option to go wireless. Just when we'd given up searching ourselves, the Keychron K1 presented itself to us, and it may just be the perfect mechanical keyboard for Mac users.

We've only had it in the office for a day, and we're already in love. It's marketed as the slimmest mechanical wireless keyboard, and it is genuinely slim. Rather than use the chunky keycaps found on most other mechanical keyboards, it uses thin square ones similar to those you might find on an Apple keyboardexcept, they're sat on top of some mechanical switches, rather than Apple's much-maligned butterfly switches.

The blue switches underneath are low profile, and almost half the thickness of traditional mechanical switches, and still offer that tactile response you'd expect from a soft mechanical key.

Choosing this softness means easy, quick typing, without the extra strain that often comes with mechanical keys. Combined with the 18mm thin compact aircraft-grade aluminium body, it makes for a package which is sleek and compact and instantly usable. It's as convenient and unobtrusive as any non-mechanical wireless keyboard. Size aside, there are plenty of other features that make the Keychron K1 an exciting product for us.

Firstly, it's available as a Mac option, meaning you get Mac specific keys if you want them. That includes the function row along the top, as well as the option and command keys at the bottom. What's more, there are even three dedicated keys in the top right corner for specific Mac functions. You get a button to take a selective screenshot, so no more cmd-shift There's also a voice dictation button and a Siri key.

keychron k1 review reddit

PC users need not fear; there's also a Windows version that has a Cortana button and all the relevant other keys. If you use both Windows and Mac, there's a switch on the back that lets you switch between them. Days pic. If you like a splash of colour, there's an RGB model - the one we've been sent - that lets you cycle through 18 different animation effects, and choose from four levels of brightness. These range from sweeping constantly-changing effects, to light up effects that are activated by each key press.

With Bluetooth 3. Perhaps the only concern her from a wireless perspective, is battery life. Keychron claims up to 10 hours of use with the RGB model, or up to 15 hours if you go with the single white backlit model. Those who type all day every day will likely need to charge it fairly often, or just use it with a cable for simplicity. They're available to order from Keychron direct now. Pocket-lint Just when we'd given up searching ourselves, the Keychron K1 presented itself to us, and it may just be the perfect mechanical keyboard for Mac users.

Pocket-lint Size aside, there are plenty of other features that make the Keychron K1 an exciting product for us. Compared to a lot of big-name keyboard brands then, this is very affordable too.It has wild RGB lighting. It has an or key layout.

Typing on it is way more pleasurable than the cramped and noisy MacBook keyboard, and its function row is inherently more useful that the Touch Bar. While the version of the Keychron K1 was strictly for the Mac, version 2 of the keyboard, which is available now, includes keycaps for both Windows and Mac operating system, so you can swap out the command and options keys for alt and Windows ones. The Keychron K1 has a very minimal design, with a space gray-like enclosure and black keys that are nicely fingerprint resistant, along with a nice angle for typing.

All said, the Keychron has an 18mm profile, versus You can order the Keychron K1 mechanical keyboard in key pictured and key varieities, and both come with swappable Windows and Mac keys. Most notably, the RGB switcher has been moved to the top and replaced with a second control key to prevent accidental presses.

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Earlier this year, a new keyboard launched that fills an interesting gap in the market: slim mechanical keyboards for Mac.

Keychron K2 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Read on for our full review. After selling out of stock last month, the company is starting to ship out new orders again today.

This gives it a solid build quality and feel, and I also think the black finish looks good with any Mac. As far as mechanical keyboards gothis is about as slim as it gets. The Keychron K1 has a tapered design with the highest point at the back of the device sitting at 18mm 0.

This is the Mechanical Keyboard for Minimalist

As mentioned in the specs above, the Keychron K1 features Fraly low-profile Blue switches with 3mm of key travel. While many keyboards use keycaps with a slightly concave design, the Keychron K1 uses flat keycaps, more on that in a moment.

I tested out the Version 1 product, but the Version 2 model that is starting to ship now includes a couple of changes:. The only aspect that stands out as not so polished is the Keychron having visible screws on the top of the device.

It took me a couple of weeks to feel comfortable with a mechanical keyboard, but I found the Keychron K1 to be a solid performer. The pronounced click of mechanical keys does offer a satisfying tackle experience.

I tested out the various light patterns 10 on the single LED version, 19 on the RBG models and found them to be novel to play around with, but preferred solid backlighting for day-to-day use.

Having dedicated Mac keys on a mechanical keyboard is really great to see. Additionally, the Keychron K1 features a dedicated Siri key in the top right corner. Another handy feature of the Keychron is the ability to pair to up to 3 devices simultaneously.

FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links. Check out 9to5Mac on YouTube for more Apple news:. March 20, Review: Keychron K1 is a compelling mechanical keyboard for Mac with a slim design and solid features Michael Potuck - Mar.

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keychron k1 review reddit

Michael Potuck's favorite gear.K2 is a super tactile wireless or wired keyboard giving you all the keys and function you need while keeping it compact, with the largest battery seen in a mechanical keyboard. The K2 can be used with Bluetooth or with a cable.

Connect with your phone, laptop or iPad. You can also use our type-C cable to connect the keyboard to your devices. The K2 is designed to fit your dedicated typing experience.

Keychron K1 Unboxing and First Impressions!

With a lifespan of 50 million keystroke lifespan we want to make sure that you experience same feedback for every keystroke. Compatible with all operating systems from Mac to Android to Windows. K2 is one of the few mechanical keyboard featuring Mac layout media keys.

It allows you to use all the same media keys as conventional macOS. Every K2 keyboard comes with 3 specific keycaps for Mac and Windows, respectively. Check high-res layout herekey size here. With N-key rollover NKRO on wired mode only you can register as many keys as you can press at once without missing out characters. Engineered with more than 15 types of RGB light and comes with different styles flashing, breathing, or static etc which will match up to your mood.

Arrow keys. No numpad. Mac compatible. Found this Keychron K2. Our product price does not include VAT or import tax of your country. Free shipping for the add-on. Compare the K2 with other Keychron keyboards here. Credit agiputraaspian. Product is good, but I seem not to use it as much. Especially since it's height even with the wrist support is too high. Would it be possible to have a refund?

Having not owned or used a mechanical keyboard before this one I took much time deliberating over my switch choice; after spending many hours listening to YouTube videos trying to decide which click I wanted, I opted for the Gateron Browns and they are perfect.

Lovely sound and feel to add to the full house of perfectly functioning features. I bought K1 a month back. I just received a couple of K2. The K2 keys are closer to each other which is matter of getting use to. K2 brings back the typing experience when I was using those IBM keyboards, really. Great job in delivering the keyboards and great product to use.October 13, Keyboards Views: Once he started sharing his project with the community, interest continued to grow to the point that a group buy for the Pearl may become a real thing.

With the missing keys being cleverly hidden under a function layer. A glance at the side of the Pearl reveals a high profile aluminium case. A high profile case allows the keycaps to be recessed, protecting the switches and PCB from any forms of damage.

This universal plate can accommodate split backspace, split shift, and even split spacebar. This is done to reduce stress on the PCB. Switch selection is also broad as the Pearl is Alps and Cherry compatible.

No more tossing up on whether you should do an Alps build or a BOX white build. Programming is handled with Bootmapper client. However, it also adds a touch of class to an already elegant keyboard. Rubber feet are also used to help stabilise the Pearl when in use. If you do want more details be sure to follow Koobaczech on Reddit and Instagram.

Alternatively you can follow my Instagram dailyclack for more keyboard news and details. Your email address will not be published.

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keychron k1 review reddit

And going by how stunning the Pearl looks it looks like Koobaczech is on a winner! High profile case A glance at the side of the Pearl reveals a high profile aluminium case. Anodised aluminium not only adds strength but also caters for vast colour options. Plates come in a variety metals, from polished brass to stainless steel, and anodised aluminium. How much longer do I have to wait?Posted by Brian Wharton Nov 5, 0.

You start with the basics like insurance and everyday tools for minor repairs on the road. During the commute to and from work and every day, errands are when most people get into accidents.

A high-quality video feed is a huge plus. The first thing I was looking for was the oversized profile. I already have a phone mount on my dash, so the very small size did not obstruct my field of vision very much. It is a little smaller than a standard action camera think GoProwhich was perfect for my uses. Installation was simple. If you can install a suction cup with a lever, then you already have it down. The suction cup ended up being pretty strong.

So much so that I felt like I would break the whole assembly when I pulled on it. This means that it will hold tight in most car crashes and serve its purpose.

I opted not to use the included power supply because I have a wider car and chose to hide the wire along the edges of the windshield to make it look cleaner. This is a handy feature if you want it and are willing to buy the hardware kit. I opted out of that as I primarily just wanted the standard dash cam experience.

For main features the N1 Pro Dash Cam has plenty. Some are standard like the hour loop recording which runs on a loop and records over footage once the memory card fills up. The G-Sensor detects collisions and locks the recording down so you have the footage of your collision. I really like the collision detection.

Review: The Keychron K1 and K2 are the wireless mechanical keyboards I’ve been waiting for

When the car is powered off, as long as it has a charge on the internal battery, it will turn on and record 20 seconds after it detects any collision. There is even an optional GPS, but that requires another separate purchase which I also opted out of. With only 5 standard buttons on the body that anyone who has ever seen a camera will feel instantly familiar with. This made for an especially learning experience when I was just getting started. The lens does have a degree field of vision.

This makes for a nice wide-angle that a person would see out of their windshield. The N1 Pro Dash Cam also has a built-in microphone that will capture any audio but can be turned off. This is what I did to save more space in the memory card.

keychron k1 review reddit

For such a small Dash Camera, Vantrue packed quite a few features into a small body. For more information, visit vantrue.When pre-orders opened for the Keychron K2 I knew that this was finally one of the bluetooth mechanical keyboards I wanted to try.

The Lofree keyboard prioritized aesthetics over functionality. The retro layout of the keys caused me much consternation as I was constantly pressing the wrong keys, especially some of the modifier keys. Unfortunately the low profile of the keys made it feel more like a laptop keyboard, which I despise.

Additionally, the keyboard stopped working after a couple days and I ultimately returned it. The reliability made me skeptical of the K2 but I decided to try it out and am happy I did. Below are some brief thoughts on different aspects of the keyboard:. I have zero complaints about it and would highly recommend if you are in the market for a mechanical keyboard.

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