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Over 30 fully online Summer Sessions courses are also available. Experience summer in the San Francisco Bay Area while studying at the 1 public university! Berkeley Summer Sessions is one of the largest summer programs in the United States, hosting students from all over the world. In fact, about 3, of our 16, students are international visitors.

Berkeley Summer Sessions offers more than coursesincluding Summer-only certificatesEnglish As a Second Languageand online options. Summer visiting international students get the opportunity to enroll in Berkeley courses for credit alongside UC Berkeley degree-seeking students as well as domestic visitors.

Explore the Bay Area, experience American culture, and make friends from the US and around the world. Students who hold certain types of visas may be required to have full-time student status. Email your question to support keynectup. Skip to main content. How to apply First, determine if you are an international student here.

Apply for Summer Sessions. After you apply, follow the instructions on this checklist to create your UC Berkeley login, enroll in your chosen courses, pay tuition, and prepare for your time in Berkeley.

International visiting students are required to have: Proof of English proficiencyunless your country of origin is on the exception list. A non-immigrant visa. Proof of health insurance. Unique summer programs that are only available during Summer Sessions, like summer certificates, intensive language courses, and field study options. World-famous sights are just a transit ride away.

You can also hike around the Redwoods in Muir Woods or explore the hundreds of hiking trails on the coast and beyond. Experience Bay Area summer festivals. The tech industry is in our backyard. Join a meetup and get to know those who are at the forefront of tech innovation. Scan the QR code below with your camera or any scanning app like Snapchat to download.Summer study abroad programs have the potential to be life altering for those who embark on the adventure.

No matter what your major, spending a summer studying abroad in another country may increase your awareness and understanding of the world around you. Many college students who participate in study abroad programs make friendships that last throughout their lives, and they are often able to connect not just with those in the country they visit, but also with others from around the world who are involved in the same program. If you normally work over the summer, you may find a summer internship program or be able to incorporate a work component as part of your summer study abroad experience.

Sometimes it can be difficult to take part in a study abroad program. You may have a major that seems difficult to pursue in another country, or you may worry that time abroad will delay your graduation date.

Summer abroad programs may be perfect for anyone who might not easily get away during the school year. During the summer months, you may more easily see the world around you while still remaining on track with your schooling. There are many different types of summer study abroad programs. You may choose to go the traditional route and spend your summer months taking classes at a university.

Other programs may allow students to get hands-on experience outside of the classroom. There are many potential benefits to studying abroad for the summer.

If you travel to a country with a different first language than your own, you may immerse yourself in the native language for several months. Knowing another language may be helpful when applying for a job, and many people say that learning a language through immersion is the best way to make it stick. Many individuals who spend time in another country are able to understand themselves and the world around them better. This broadened understanding may have the potential to aid you in your future career.

The best summer study abroad programs are usually dependent upon what the participant is interested in. Have you always wanted to rough it in the wilderness? Do you want to roam through an urban landscape? Are you excited by the idea of spending time in the countryside? Take some time to consider what drives you. Maybe you have a bucket list that includes a far off destination you want to see before you die.An increasing number of selective colleges are beginning to scrutinize how applicants spend their summers during high school.

Some parents, in response to this trend, have blown thousands of dollars on summer programs that may provide for an enriching experience, but do little to distinguish their child from the rest of the applicant pool. Today, the majority of competitive colleges offer at least one pre-college program inviting high school students to explore campus, visit with faculty, and even take courses during the summer months. Participation in these summer programs will be viewed by your prospective colleges as evidence of wealth, rather than evidence of any special ability—even if these programs happen to be offered on an Ivy League campus.

However, there is a growing minority of selective summer programs that select high achieving high school students strictly on the basis of merit. A number of these programs are offered for free or at relatively low costs, and will prove an impressive addition to your college application. The following is a list of top summer programs for high school students:. Bank of America Student Leaders.

Garcia Scholars — Stony Brook University. Jackson Laboratory — Summer Student Program. JCamp - For Journalism students. Michigan Math and Science Scholars. Monell Center Science Apprenticeship Program.

Princeton University — Summer Journalism Program.

summer courses in usa

Simons Summer Research Program. Texas Tech University — Clark Scholars. University of Notre Dame — Leadership Seminars. University of Pennsylvania — Leadership in the Business World. Air Force Academy — Summer Seminar.

Military Academy — Summer Leaders Experience. Naval Academy — Summer Seminar. Yale Young Global Scholars. For example, spending your summer at a local job or internship, or completing a for-credit college course, can prove just as impressive.

However, students seeking an exciting summer experience outside their area, while improving their college applicant profile in the process, are advised to explore the above. Students seeking assistance with their summer program search, and with their college applications, are encouraged to contact us at info collegetransitions. Alternatively, you can complete free consultation request form. Top Summer Programs For High School Students In An increasing number of selective colleges are beginning to scrutinize how applicants spend their summers during high school.

Sam was accepted into his first choice, The University of Chicago, a school that had seemed out of reach at the beginning of the process.Still looking for the perfect way to spend your summer? Lucky for you, GoAbroad has compiled our list of the top summer study abroad programs for !

From studying environmental sustainability in Iceland to engineering in the United Arab Emirates, any of the stellar summer study abroad programs below are sure to provide you with a summer that you will never forget! Syracuse University offers summer programs all across the European continent. Ambitious students can learn about environmental sustainability in Iceland, theater in London, film production in Italy, and much more. Syracuse also offers multi-city traveling seminars during the summer term, for those wanderlusts who are hesitant to spend their whole summer in only one location.

Temple University offers great summer study abroad programs located all over the world, for both undergraduate and graduate students. Most summer programs last between four and ten weeks. Located in the United Arab Emirates, the city of Sharjah is commonly considered to be the cultural capital of the Arab world.

summer courses in usa

The American University of Sharjah is a highly respected academic institution hosted among beautiful Islamic architecture and filled with a body of over 6, students from all over the world. Summer program participants will have the chance to live on campus for six weeks while enrolling in any class they wish, from an extensive course catalog.

Take your learning to the next level through experiential, service learning in Africa! With various courses, from gender equality to community development, African Impact provides students with an introduction to the African continent. Whether you want to explore Zambia, South Africa, or Tanzania during your summer break, African Impact has a program for you!

Spend your summer gaining in-depth insight into identity-based conflict resolution at Bar-Ilan University in Tel Aviv. Students interested in politics and international peacekeeping can earn eleven academic credits through this four week summer program, and also undertake an internship with a local NGO. The university welcomes both undergraduate and graduate students of any academic discipline to participate in this special summer program.

Classes are conducted in small groups, providing an environment where students can receive individual attention from world class educators. Students will also be able to enjoy regular social gatherings and outings to great attractions in and around Durham, England.

This program allows students to study Spanish and explore the culture of Barcelona, one of the most fun and enriching cities in Europe. Students can choose between living in a homestay or an apartment with other IES students as they explore Barcelona and improve their Spanish fluency. Students will have the chance to earn six or seven academic credits during this seven week program, all while having a blast under the Mediterranean Sun.

Students can enroll in beginner, intermediate, or advanced French courses through CEA Global Education and explore the city of Aix-en-Provence for a full month. Participants will spend time both improving their language skills and soaking up French culture. Students will also be able to enjoy many summer festivals and cultural events in the surrounding Aix region during the program.Residential pre-college summer programs have become a popular way for high school students to test drive the college experience, and for colleges to show off their wares to potential applicants.

There are pre college programs for every interest — STEM and the performing arts, business and medicine — and from every kind of institution — public and private, huge and tiny, traditional and radical. Above all, pre college summer programs are about giving high school students a meaningful, maybe even life-changing experience.

In a lot of ways, a pre college summer program is an extreme form of advertising for a school; high schoolers get an idea of how they would live and what they would do if they were students at University XYZ, and if the school does it right, every summer program student will be applying to University XYZ as soon as they get home. More importantly, though, a good summer program is enriching for the students and the school. While some pre college programs are intended for high-achieving, super-ambitious students, many others are for the underrepresented student: first-generation, low-income, immigrant, or minority.

And these programs are invaluable, showing students that college — and the financial and professional benefits that come with a college degree — is in their reach.

And it helps the school find promising students that might have missed out without the pre college program. So, a really great pre college summer program will showcase everything that makes that institution special.

A major, world-renowned research university should give high school students access to current technology and introduce them to contemporary research.

A beloved small liberal arts college should envelop a young person in support, motivation, community, and mentorship. For-Credit Courses — All pre college programs feature classes, workshops, labs, and seminars, but not all help students earn transferable college credits.

Summer Study Abroad in the U.S.A. Undergraduate Programs

The ones that do may be more expensive, but some will allow students to earn as much as 6 or 12 credits — a serious jump start on the freshman year, whether you go to the same school or not.

Giving students a taste of college life even with an early curfew for high schoolers is a big plus. Reasonable Tuition and Scholarship Opportunities — Pre college programs can be very expensive, or seem expensive at first glance, but Value Colleges is always about weighing the elements to find a balance. Many program offers full or partial scholarships based on merit or need, and some are free altogether. Others keep tuition low to begin with to attract students who might be dedicated, but not wealthy.

Many summer programs are taught by graduate students who are immersed in the latest research, or by actual faculty members who are doing that research. All of the pre college summer programs we feature here come from regionally-accredited, highly reputable colleges and universities. We are featuring only residential programs that include housing, meals, and other essentials. Most of these institutions are regularly featured in the Value Colleges Best Value rankings.

Programs are ranked by overall affordability, based on their cost per week and what students get for that price. Arizona State has long been named the most innovative university in the nation by publications like U. Coming into the 21st century, ASU radically revised how we think of a major public research university, opening the doors, reaching out to underrepresented populations, and embracing change. Inspire motivates American Indian youth to enroll in college by exposing them to college life, including living in residence halls, learning about majors, meeting American Indian ASU faculty and students, and practicing writing and learning skills.It is designed for curr….

The EU Business Summer School is designed for current university students and recent university graduates of any academic background aged 18 or over who are interested in business, considering applying to a graduate business school or starting up their own company. Explore your creativity on one of AUB's summer courses. Join our international community to connect with other members inter- ested in summer schools worldwide, Winter Sessions, and other global short-term study options.

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Summer schools, Winter Sessions, service learning opportunities and other short-term programs can enormously enrich your academic curriculum and personal experience. Join us now, It's free! Welcome to summer-programs. Our website went online on May 6, How do you like it?

It would be a pleasure hearing from you, and we would very much appreciate your comments and suggestions. To study abroad in another culture, another language, even for just a short period of time, can immensly change your perspective and enhance your personal experience. Go study abroad! Forgot your password?

summer courses in usa

Log In Sign Up. Jewelry Design Journalism. Korean Studies. Nanotechnology Negotiations techniques. Operations Management Organized Crime. Venture Capital Visual Arts Vulcanology. Accommodation: Homestay. It is designed for curr… Read more. London campus. Every summer, EU Business School opens its doors to bright young students from all over the world for an unforgettable summer school experience which packs business studies into a fun-filled summer in Barcelona.

Each summer, the Department of Economics offers summer school courses. All courses take place on our campus in the heart of central Copenhagen. The SOAS Academic Summer School offers a unique range of courses that inspire, challenge and develop critical thinking skills in an intensive academic environment.

FUBiS sessions run for 3 to 6 weeks and take place both in summer and winter. FUBiS participants choose from: Intensive and semi-intensive German language classes on five levels of proficiency and subject classes on various topics. The HSBA Summer School on CSR Management — Corporate Social Responsibility in a Globalised World is designed to train you in the fields of business ethics, sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility CSR and to stimulate a discourse about current and future goals, challenges and most importantly about the social and economic opportunities that correspond with responsible and sustainable business conduct.

The Child Protection Summer School is an opportunity to study the application of child protection via the Centre for Child Protection's innovative interactive simulations, inspired by a wide range of perspectives e. Linguistic as well as cultural and social diversity are basic characteristics of today's societies. Their causes include, among others, increasing migration, globalisation, new technical possibilities of communication, and interactions across traditional borders.Courses that had been scheduled to meet in person will instead meet remotely, according to the meeting schedule posted here and on the Link.

Please note that meeting times listed are local Boston time zone, EDT. If the move to remote instruction requires any changes to the meeting times for a particular course, the Summer Term office will communicate directly with students registered for that course.

You can Browse Subjects to see up to date course descriptions and class schedules. Or you can Search Courses by summer session, class schedule, BU Hub area, level, college, department, or course number.

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You can also type in a keyword to search course titles and descriptions. Freshmen and continuing sophomores enrolling in Summer Term courses should consider their Hub requirements when selecting classes.

Additional resources are available at bu. Looking for some course suggestions? See our curated lists below. You can also find other Boston University summer programs here. Summer Courses Summer Term offers more than courses in 70 subjects. There are several ways to find out more about them.