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The socket measures 2. The heavy blade measures 1. Jaegers were light infantry, whose role was similar to today's special forces. The Jaeger musket was shorter than the infantry musket, so required a longer bayonet for defense against mounted cavalry. This example was made in at Husqvarna Vapenfabrik. M socket bayonet, as shown in this side-by-side comparison image. The socket length measures 2. Carlsson was born in They also bought 10, bayonets from Remington Arms. The Remington made bayonet is recognized by the steel blade and iron socket.

The Swedish-made bayonets were all steel. The iron socket measures 2. The iron has a more porous surface than the steel of the elbow and blade. The weld line between the steel and iron is clearly visible in the lower photo. Based on the inspection markings, this example was produced during or The conversion entailed removing the old socket and brazing a new socket in place.

swedish m38 bayonet

The join is plainly visible. The M—89 socket bayonet is historically significant as the only socket bayonet to incorporate a coil-spring press stud. The socket measures 1. According to Per Holmback, approximatelyM bayonets were produced.

The odd hilt design gives away that this is a bayonet designed for a rifle that wasn't originally designed to mount a bayonet. InM Carbines were altered by the addition of a nose cap that incorporated a bayonet mount.

swedish m38 bayonet

The hilt incorporates a locking device to secure the bayonet to the scabbard. Most were marked on the ricasso. It is not known when EJAB changed from marking the spine to marking the ricasso. Later examples produced by Carl Gustaf Stads were marked on the ricasso.

This example is marked to the 50th Infantry Regiment, a so called dubbleringsregemente double regiment formed during the Second World War.It is also nearly impossible to find these with matching bolts. As the story goes, they were Your comment about the crossed rifle marking indicating the most accurate rifles is completely I have never personally handled a Schmidt-Rubin is the action smooth?

Do have have any access to or can You point me in the direction to information on how to dial in Forgotten Your Password? Remember Me? Categories: Mauser Rifles Short Rifles. LoadDrive1 -PM. Thanks for posting the pictures and Information! Austro-Hungarian Empire. South America. United Kingdom. United States. Articles by Peter Laidler Artillery 1. Carbines Enfield Rifles Experimental General Interest Grenades and Explosives 2.

Mauser Rifles Parts and Accessories Pistols 5. Revolvers 3. Rifles Ross Rifles 6. Scopes and Binoculars 6. Short Rifles 8. Sniper Rifles Sub Machine Guns 4.Please note the better quality of the old bayonet with its nice careful checkering. These bayonets were delivered to the Army in pieces like this and upon arrival assembled to complete bayonets. We ca n notice that the construction will only take a short blade. The short tang will never allow a long blade and the locking construction was too weak for a long blade.

The first bayonets from were delivered with a flat locking device, but these were soon exchanged for the conical loc king device like on this bayonet. On the other side of the ricasso are the Swedish Royal Acceptance Crown and a number. These bayonets were used by the Swedish Army for at least years! A picture from 25 th of April Many variations were tested. Here i fm with long blade and exchanged locking mechanism. Peace time equipment for Swedish bayonets. The Sweden bought Kar98k from Germany These bayonets had the WaA stamps and none and they were not marked with the Swedish Crown or any other acceptance stamp from Sweden.

This bayonet has been sold by Carl Gustafs Stads Gun factory to a collector. During the period these long bayonets were used by the guards for the main entrance of the Naval base of Karlskrona. My father told me that they for them for guard duty without any gun!

For drills, the servicemen brought special carbines for parades from the supply depot, these carbines were unsuitable for sharpshooting. For a parade like this, or training for it, the navy supplied the men with special worn out carbines.

They were not intended for shooting only for parade purpose. Note the round 19 mm wide the disc with a number on each bayonet. This type of disc was issued with each edged weapon of the Navy.

swedish m38 bayonet

B ayonet Assault rifle Ak4, old modell, with bayonet When Sweden went for the 5. It was a variation of FNC. Here above is a FNC. Ak5 is produced under license in Sweden. This is the Ak5 with a test-model bayonet, which also fits the FNC. A small number of this test model bayonet, was bought by the army but it was never accepted. The Ak5 is not issued with any bayonet for combat purposes only for parades and guard duty at the Royal Palace. The Ak5 with bayonet is used for guard duty and parade only.

A new service bayonet tested for Ak5d, made by Eickhorn with wire cutter.All Swedish Mausers were chambered for the 6. All Swedish Mausers, whether built in Germany or Sweden, were fabricated using a Swedish-supplied high grade tool steel alloyed with nickel, copper, and vanadium, a product then noted for its strength and corrosion resistance. These rifles, like other pre-M 98 system Mauser rifles, lack the third safety locking lug at the rear of the bolt and feature "cock-on-closing" similar to the contemporary Lee—Enfield rifle instead of the "cock-on-opening" style found on the German Gewehr 98 and most subsequent bolt-action rifles.

The rear sight was graduated for 6. It is speculated that these were replacement receivers that were later given the same serial number as the replaced receivers, though this is not yet confirmed due to the extremely small number discovered so far.

Production in Sweden under license commenced in Swedish production continued sporadically until Very limited numbers were later produced with receiver dates of and more so The highest serial number noted isThe highest number so far noted isdated There have been no carbines noted with receiver dates of, and It may be surmised that carbines produced from the end of regular production in until numbered about 2, There were two bayonets intended for the carbine.

The modification involved a slot machined on the nose cap and a stud sleeve attached to the barrel. Numbers modified are unknown. Possibly only or less. Several have shown up in the United States and one is known in the Netherlands. Skolskjutningskarbinliterally "school shooting carbine" : This carbine was manufactured for Swedish civilian schools for student training. All of these school carbines carry the receiver date of The serial number is prefixed with S and runs S. The serial number appears as S.The common name fo bayonet makers.

Svetsare was responsible for the bayonet forging. The were called 'svetsare' at Wira bruk. I don't know if it was a common name. The forged blade was passed on to the bayonet grinder bajonettsliparna. They were called bajonettfilare from and onward [11].

At the same time, wll into s 'filare' are mentioned as a guild of their own. It is unclear how the areas of interest are separated. I believe the term 'filer' is incorrect, but I can't think of another term.

I am not sure about the difference between bayonet grinder and bayonet filer either. Board of Ordnance wrote to all factories that they should mark barrels and locks with the factory stamp. The stamp was the signature with a crown over it, e. The inspection-armourer shall mark the approved bayonet on the side of the shank.

An approved scabbard shall be marked over the catch. The bayonet is marked on the side of the shank if it is approved. The maker shall stamp his signature on the upper side of the blade, close to the shank. The serial number and year shall be stamped there as well. There shall be 2 inspectors. Approved bayonets are stamped by the inspectors on the shank at the same side as the mortise. Eskilstuna In a tax-free zone for blacksmiths was founded in 'Carl Gustafs stad'.

Founded inbut still in business. In it became a part of FFV, and it was bought by Bofors some years ago. H crown over H. Located to the town of Huskvarna. Founded in Most of the production was transferred to Husqvarna during 's.

Founded in The factory and the whole town were burnt down by the Russians in The production was not started until The production was moved to Carl Gustaf Stad in Founded in s. Made e. Has now a shark as logotype can be seen on e. Subcontractor for Carl Gustaf Stad.Betbull retains the right to take further action as deemed necessary. If bets, which exceed the stated amounts, are erroneously accepted, the excess amount will be disregarded and the bet amount placed will be revised accordingly and the difference paid back to the Player.

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Bayonets of Sweden

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In the event of a match being abandoned before 90 minutes have been played then all bets will be void unless settlement of bets is already determined. In the event of a corner having to be re-taken (e.

Markings on Swedish Bayonets

Extra-Time Asian Handicap In-PlayNormal In-Play Asian Handicap rules apply but only goals in extra-time count.

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Swedish M96 Mauser

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Asian Total CornersPredict the total number of corners in a match.

Swedish Mauser

The corner line will be either a quarter-corner, half-corner or whole-corner with bet settlement as follows:Corner line of 8. If you bet under 8. With a corner line of a whole number, if the total number of corners is the same as the corner line, your stake is returned. Corner line of 8, 8.